Konoha Shinden: Vapor Ninja Scrolls [ ]

Konoha Shinden: Vapor Ninja Scrolls [ ]

Historically, Tenten’s passion out-of collecting all types from ninja tool regarding across the country escalated to the stage she launched a store in order to offer the various tools, in the event it is often blank due to the silent point in time. Within gadgets, the latest Appreciated Gadgets was in fact displayed throughout the store that have a sign however « not available ».

Main content: Konoha Shinden (novel) and you will Konoha Shinden (anime) Notice : From the comic strip, the brand new events of this arc can be found after the Jugo Arc. When phrase reached Konoha you to Mirai Sarutobi had not packaged sufficient ninja tools on her behalf escort goal in the Yugakure, Tenten was tasked with taking additional luggage with the kunoichi. Whenever she arrives two days later on, Tenten serves up the tools and you may decided to grab the big date out to enjoy the local scorching springs which have Mirai. When you look at the stand, the fresh new was covers a ghost haunting the latest inn. Eager from the thought of spirits, she decided to assist browse the. She actually chose to tease Man on his obvious concern about spirits. Sooner, it revealed it absolutely was a young orphan titled Tatsumi, who despite having no money, was computed to check out all the scorching springs from the house for the memories of their later mother and you can was taking quick pieces away from dining to thrive. During the Mirai’s request, it absolutely was arranged the nothing girl can also be subscribe them to your their own excursion. Tenten although not in the future gone back to brand new village.

After, it was indicated that Tenten is actually enabling when you look at the a study off lost girls in the Residential property of Hot-water by providing Kakashi and People assemble intel.

Naruto Shinden: Father or mother and you can Kid Date [ ]

Main posts: Naruto Shinden: Parent and you can Baby Time and you can Father or mother and you can Infant Date Arc Mention : In the anime, the fresh new occurrences of this arc occur after the Mitsuki’s Disappearance Arc.

Naruto and you will Himawari Uzumaki started to Tenten’s store hoping regarding shopping for an decisive link excellent Kurama doll. Tenten eagerly greets the fresh new duo but she was not able to help him or her concerning your model, but rather offered solution gift ideas like a great makeshift kunai set and you will an excellent necklace to possess Moms and dad and you will Baby Date and therefore Naruto concluded right up to purchase to greatly help their own company following Tenten’s persuasive systems just after bringing emotional at the thought away from possible needing to close their particular store because of the diminished sales.

In the place of Momoshiki Arch [ ]

Fundamental blogs: Boruto: Naruto the movie and you will In the place of Momoshiki Arc On comic strip, the fresh new genin participating in the fresh Chunin Reports had to come to an excellent venue point in some day, so you can answer a truth otherwise not true concern. Tenten is assigned having dwindling what amount of genin, playing with individuals barriers and you may summoning puppets to achieve this. After, Tenten and Shino Aburame, prs, watching out of a checking space since genin you will need to retrieve each other people’s flag. Just after witnessing Boruto Uzumaki’s efficiency against the About three Senka Brothers, she praises him.

Time Sneak Arc [ ]

Fundamental post: Date Slip Arch On anime, whenever Urashiki Otsutsuki was watched in your neighborhood, Tenten joined some other Konoha-nin in seeking him. Yet not, that it turned into an effective diversion from the alien, which put a great genjutsu on it to let him slip into the village. Meanwhile, the fresh new grown-right up Sasuke and you may Boruto had been sent back over time so you’re able to eventually after Sasuke’s defection. Indeed there, both pretended as take a trip performers and you will were lay not as much as observe by the Naruto. During which, past-Tenten and her members of the family aided Boruto and Naruto clean a beneficial bathhouse pursuing the disturbance Naruto and Jiraiya brought about.

From the comic strip, weeks after, if you find yourself Himawari Uzumaki is actually away observing other efforts on her behalf occupation, she observes Tenten resting when you are in the their unique firearm shop due to insufficient sales.

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